So I am new to writing on this site but have been a friend of adamxp12 for quite some time now and he has recruited me to make my first guide! WooHoo.

First things first, If you are using Internet Explorer (Any Version) please for the love of god remove it and never use it again because it is Slow and VERY Insecure.

Step 1 - For step 1 of this guide you need to use a safe and sercure browser that you are comfortable with. I personally have recently switched to Mozilla Firefox from Google Chrome due to Chrome being a System Memory hog and slowing my system down. Experiment between the two and see which you prefer. If you don't like either you could use Opera.


Step 2 - If you have installed any of the browsers above please visit this website and install Ad Block Plus as it makes your web browsing not only faster by removing ads but also safer by minimizing the risk of Malware or Adware.


Step 3 - Incase any Malware or Adware does somehow come between the security measures we have put in place so far then just to be safe we are going to go ahead and install a FREE Anti-Malware program called MalwareBytes. Please go ahead and install that and run a full system scan to make sure system is free of malware. Once the scan has complete you are free to scan whenever you want.


Step 4 - Now your system is mostly protected from Malware and Adware it is still not fully protected from Programs that you download that are infected. To stop this you can install a free anti virus such as AVG or Avast both are fairly good considering they are free. You could skip this step if you know how to use computers safely but if not I reccomend following it.



Thats it! Once you have followed these steps your system will be fully protected for Malware and Viruses! I have just one sentence of advice! NEVER download anything you don't trust and run system scans regularly. If you need any further assistance dont be afraid to leave a comment and either myself or adamxp12 will get back to you!

Stay Safe and happy browsing