This is something you may of always wondered, if these super budget VPS's with 96,128 or 256Mb of RAM are actually usable and what can one do with one?
well I have got myself a VPS it has 128Mb of RAM and I have spend a couple of days messing around with it.

And unfortunately a typical Apache server will not run nicely, It will but it will be slow and use almost all the RAM, I used Nginx and the RAM usage was a lot better.

I also installed php-fpm to add php support to Nginx and also the vsftpd service to give me a FTP connection to the server.

And this was all on top of CentOS 6.5 (I recommend CentOS 9999x over any debain based os, I have used ubuntu server and it has scarred me for life) but I am sure any other O/S will be identical but CentOS 6 is a lot better on small servers as it has very few things pre installed where as CentOS 5 and most other distros have everything under the sun included.

All that and I was only using 49Mb of the 128Mb I have, I was using 39% of the 128Mb that is pretty good.

I may try to install MySQL and try and configure it for this low powered machine and if all works good then I should be able to get a ProcessWire website working (Wordpress can work on these small machines but I can't be bothered, why optimize something when ProcessWire is already optimized)

runs on a 96Mb VPS

also runs on a 96Mb VPS

so WordPress and MyBB have been successfully set-up on an even lower specced VPS but I bet the was a lot of work involved to keep RAM usage down.

My recommendation is, DO not bother, OVH have VERY CHEAP VPS plans and they are not super low specced
See for more details.

Although the small VPS's do work they will not do a lot of sites and you will probably be paying more than you should be for these low specs.