The surface RT is Microsoft's first tablet computer they have made, and it uses an ARM cpu which means it will not run standard Windows software, it will only run apps that are in the Microsoft store.

Microsoft lost a lot of money on this device because people said it was unusable, laggy and most of all "the is no apps"
but none of that is true, in fact the surface RT is fast and most of the apps someone would want are there.

I got the surface because I was looking for a tablet with flash that was not android (because its another suckessful google product)

I have used the iPad before and it was nice but as with all apple ios products they get painfully slow towards the end of their life and I don't want to have to buy a tablet every 2 years.

So far the surface has done everything I have wanted it to do, I can use the plex app to watch shows on my plex server and internet explorer to browse the web and watch videos that are not on my plex server.


Touch Cover

the touch cover is basically a touch sensitive keyboard that is super thin, but it is surprisingly nice to type on and it even wakes the device up and puts it to sleep when you open and close it.

It also acts as a kickstand table so the tablet sits better on your lap, and you can fold it behind to use the surface like a tablet, in both cases the keyboard and mouse are disabled.

But the is no apps!

let me just say this, I have installed very few apps and most of the ones installed are games, the surface is meant for browsing the internet, watching videos and some office work, most apps can be used online in a web browser like spotify for example.

If you are adventurious like me then spin up a windows server machine and install remoteapp, it lets you stream x86 windows programs to other windows computers including the surface RT, but dont expect to be editing video or anything thorugh this method

Yuck, Windows 8

I hate windows 8... on a desktop machine, windows 8 on a tablet device like the surface is nice and quick, also relatively simple to use only downside is that is still windows, I had some drive issues (touch cover) and constant windows updates but its surprisingly nice to use.

Other Notes

Some other things worth noting is that the surface has a micro SD card slot that should support up to 128Gb micro SD cards and the device also has a built in micro hdmi and full size USB port.

I paid £165 for mine used at a store called CEX here in the UK, this is still cheaper than a 32Gb iPad 1st generation but it's not what I want, no flash limited it for me and as noted earlier Apple products get really slow once they become an old product, maybe a trick to make you buy a new iPad (did not work for me :) ).

Your thoughts may differ but in my opinion this tablet is just what I wanted
a tablet that is not made by Google and has flash video
and its cheaper than the iPad mini that I was thinking of getting until I thought about what I needed.