It's time I admitted that I have a problem. I love owning domains. Their like owning property on the internet but much cheaper so I can unfortunately afford to have quite a few so lets go over all of them.

My first domain was which I do still own. Bought when I was only 11 it is not only my first paid domain but also the domain I have managed to own the longest. has a lot of history in-fact this blog was hosted on that domain for many years. Now days I only use it for email but I cant get rid of it simply because of the emails on it and the history behind it.

My 2nd domain that I stll own is This domain was free for 1 year via the Github education package deal. I liked the domain. and made it my new homepage. replaced in terms of websites. I moved my blog and pretty much everything else over to that domain and you are using it right now.

Then my 3rd domain came into the picture. I was browsing on my favorite registrar Namecheap and seeing the prices on extensions. and instantly saw an offer on .space domains. What I ended up with was which is a 2nd blog I run for my homelab stuff so heavy networking and things like that. The domain is used quite a bit internally so I am sort of stuck with it like I am with

And that brings me to my last paid domain. In celebration of recently coming out as gay I bought my best domain to date Yep thats right .lgbt the extension is a bit pricey but I couldn't let that domain go if you tried. It is single handedly the best domain I own. Mainly because I have always wanted a simple adam.tld sort of domain. the fact its .lgbt makes it even better. Now just got to wait for .gay XD

This is only counting the paid domains. 4 paid domains. but I own a crap ton of free domains

And that is just the ones I can show publicly. the is a few others that I just manage for people.

I am clearly addicted to owning domains. Someone send help