Now don't get me wrong, getting money for making YouTube videos or just having people go on your website is cool and I see nothing wrong with that, until big companies like google get involved and all they care about is profit not the safety of users who see the adverts.

I use an ad blocker for a reason and as Sam explained in a previous blog post about staying safe from viruses most computer viruses come from adverts these days, back in the ears 00's this would have not been the case but as more and more people use streaming services and social networks less people are falling for the old fashioned emails that infect your computer.

So now they have taken to adverts instead, most of the computers I have repaired with so called "viruses" have not come through emails but rather people being scared by an advert saying their computer is infected.

This installs a fake anti virus software which not only demands payment but some of them will snoop on you or even encrypt all your stuff. (not nice now is it)

But it's not just the issue with viruses, adverts are a mess, 90% of websites which have adverts have taken it on them to put the adverts in 9 billion places, this not only makes a nice website design look absolutely rubbish it also slows down website loading significantly.

I should probably also tell you that adverts are sneaky they track you throughout your journey on the internet, if you look at a laptop on amazon I bet you the next advert you will see on YouTube will be for the new Dell whizbang extrama super uber slim 5000 (just starting at £3k)

Companies like Google need to get their act together and do a few things that might actually improve profits for them.

  1. BAN advertising computer software, Forex trading and things like get rich online schemes, their all scams mostly so just ban them
  2. Stop tracking users, I don't care if you make more profit that way, I find it rude and kinda creepy
  3. Tell website owners to not paste their advert code everywhere, it should be in an area that don't ruin the design of a website yet users will still see
  4. And make them known their adverts, some of my friends got tricked into a virus by a proven scam ad network adfly, they was trying to download a mod for a game and saw a big green download button, next thing you know they had to reinstall windows

So ad networks get your act together it's just not right, more and more people use ad blockers to get away from this garbage so you just increase the garbage to improve profit on those who don't block ads. Here's a thought don't make garbage in the first place then we wouldn't have a need to block it.

TLDR: The internet is not safe because of adverts

Original post date 17 April 2016