I have been running this blog since 2011 and in that time I have neglected it quite severally, the post quality has never been up there until the very end of the WordPress version of this site.

But due to the fact that WordPress is slow and hard to theme from scratch I have moved the system that this blog uses to ProcessWire, not only is it super duper fast but I can also modify it in any way I want without being annoyed with some bug or confusing limitation imposed by WordPress.

It is also the start of a new domainĀ  blog.adamblunt.me
adamxp12.com will remain functional for a few years but soon enough that domain will just redirect to blog.adamblunt.me, the only real reason for keeping adamxp12.com still pointing to the blog is purely because my school blocks adamblunt.me.

I could get that domain unblocked like I did for adamxp12.com many years ago but A: that's work and B: me and the IT tech are not on good terms lets just say. :D

Only one issue at this time with the blog, and that is the link shortener is not linked up, but it will be soon enough, I am rewriting the link shortener from the ground up and I see no point in integrating the soon to be obsolete version into this site